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Berlin Connection
18 february 2014 16:17

Berlin Connection

A poet and a citizen meet and discuss for the Novaya Gazeta. Now Dmitry Bykov is hoping for another meeting with Mikhail Khodorkovsky, this time in Moscow. — As you might imagine, - says Mr Khodorkovsky first thing, - I tried to distribute my first interviews with respect to my debts. And I do owe Novaya Gazeta a lot. Everybody else has already been to see me, but no one from Novaya so far. I was even about to telephone Editor-in-chief Muratov, ask if I had crossed him in some way... — And here he send me in. — Precisely. I must say, in real life you take up way less space than you seem to do in all the photos. — Well, thank you, Mr Khodorkovsky. I already think pretty well of you.



Why is equipment for the most important projects of the Russian gas monopoly are supplied with so many intermediaries from exotic countries who receive billions of Roubles for dubious agent services?


Putin Without Oil
30 april 2012 16:35

Putin Without Oil

The traditional Prime Minister’s farewell speech delivered to the state Duma by Vladimir Putin was for the most part, boring with one major exception. He listed various programs, projects and promises, but never once indicated that they are only feasible if oil prices continue to rise year on year. The problem is that Russia’s economic dependence on the oil trade is not just important, it is critical


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