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Battle for Donetsk airport: the story of one Russian fighter


Pyotr POROSHENKO: "Our nations are already paying a very high price"


Verdict is in. The chapter is not closed


“This is not a ransom, it’s your contribution into our war”


Berlin Connection
18 february 2014 16:17

Berlin Connection

A poet and a citizen meet and discuss for the Novaya Gazeta. Now Dmitry Bykov is hoping for another meeting with Mikhail Khodorkovsky, this time in Moscow. — As you might imagine, - says Mr Khodorkovsky first thing, - I tried to distribute my first interviews with respect to my debts. And I do owe Novaya Gazeta a lot. Everybody else has already been to see me, but no one from Novaya so far. I was even about to telephone Editor-in-chief Muratov, ask if I had crossed him in some way... — And here he send me in. — Precisely. I must say, in real life you take up way less space than you seem to do in all the photos. — Well, thank you, Mr Khodorkovsky. I already think pretty well of you.


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