Politics / Issue August 23, 2007 64

37 Investigators require that I resign office



Im kept in pre-trial prison 29/1.

During my stay here Ive changed many ward-mates. Ive got acquainted with many interesting people murderers, robbers, drug dealers, and a racketeer. My new ward-mate is a man in whose case record is written that he bullied his subordinates. His supervisor, who came to the crime site, got several blows in the face and groin from him. As this mate - he is a warrant officer - repented his deeds in the court, he only got three years of penal colony.

My other mates are lice, bed bugs, midges, mosquitoes, spiders and other unknown insects. Mice come to us at night. The ward is always damp. Its dropping from the ceiling and the walls are damp patched. Today the warrant officer decided to wash the blanket. We thought it was black but it turned out to be blue! I guess you wouldnt see such dirty water even if you rinsed a floor cloth after cleaning our rail stations toilet with it. The mattress is also all black and bears many stains of blood.

There are a lot of sick people here. No one is treating them. I offered to prison administration to repair all the wards at my expense, but they refused it pleading to a ban from above. The prisoners havent been to the bathhouse for a month, though even in the paper with the rules that is stuck to the ward wall it is pointed that  prisoners are to have a wash once a week. We have a walk in a prison cell where there is no sky seen. The walk cell is spitted, vomited, pissed and defecated all over. I dont get it why the conditions in this pre-trial prison, where also unconvicted people kept, are worse than those in maximum-security prison.

During my last hypertensive crisis before prison I had blood pressure 160 over 100. Here in the prison I had 200 over 110. Besides, I got food poisoning. Our meal is cooked in terrible anti-hygienic conditions and we eat food that is past its expiry date. I applied for permission to have parcels with hot meals from my relatives, but they forbade that. Im constantly watched by video cameras. To my answer Why am I taken nude by cameras? the prison administrations answer was this is done for your security.

Then I asked to get me rid of threats by investigation officers from the prosecutors office who come to me intimidating into resigning and refusal from participation in the coming Duma and presidential election. They threaten to put me in the worse prison conditions. The governor of gaol says he cannot have influence upon them while they can make prosecutors inspection any time.

The absurdity of the situation is that I dont get any information; I dont have newspapers, and I dont receive documents and reports from my office, and meetings with my workers, relatives and friends are also prohibited. Meanwhile, I received the order from the prosecutors office to start preparations of the town for winter season. More than 10,000 people are going to be left without heat, while the prosecutors office threatens me to start fifth criminal case against me. The other day, they suspended from office the acting lord-mayor Svetlana Tatyanina who is the person I trust. They require that I appoint the man good for the governor Kiselev and Klebanov*. I refused as I appointed Tatyanina by my order and that was done in accordance with the law. The prosecutors office applied to the Oktyabrsky Court (where my case is going to be heard). Im sure that Governor Kiselev will push removal of Tatyanina through the court.

The town is going to have a collapse. This is probably what my opponents are striving for.

* Authorized Representative in North-West Federal District
Mayor of the City of Archangelsk


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