Politics / Issue January 10, 2008 01

421 Following tax statements by the presidential contenders



On the New Year Eve, Dmitry Medvedev submitted his revenue and property statement to the Central Elective Commission. This document practically doesnt differ from the one the contender for presidency submitted one and half year ago being Deputy Prime Minister. In particular, Dmitry Anatolyevich has pointed that he owns jointly with his spouse an apartment on Minskayay Street. This building is worth mentioning in a special way.   

REGISTER: 2-1879090
DATE: 22.08.2000
REGISTRATION: 77-01/17-226/2000-1577.2-1
FORM: 77 222101
AREA: 364.50

REGISTER: 3-2622667
AREA: 174.40

Building 1, complex A, on Minskaya Street is situated in an elite housing block named Zolotye Klyuchi-1. Medvedevs occupy apartment #38 with the general area of 364.5 s.m. The layout is original and the floor is made from marble. There are 4 bedrooms, three rest rooms, study, dining-room and spacious sitting room with the cast pillars made from mountain crystal. Besides, the building has a sauna, fitness club, gym, beauty parlor, and there is a football ground in the yard. Nice and cozy winter garden is covered with the glass roof. And of course, there is strict access control and 24-hour security service.    

Individual parking facilities are provided for, each worthy $100,000. The Medvedevs family car, Volkswagen, 1999, has been laid up there for more than two years. Its registered to the spouses name. Svetlana Vladimirovna acquired it when she was registered in St Petersburg on Frunze Street. Initially, the car had a standard license number and after her husband was transferred to Moscow, the car was given the number of the special AAA series.   

Medvedevs neighbors in Zolotye Klyuchi are quite respectable people. These are foreigners mainly. These are Mr Tomash Kazhmerovsky from Alfa Bank and Mr Chan Tkhi Tkhao, representative of Singapores company Future Generation. A bit above lives the press attaché of Italian Embassy, Liborio Stellino, and Yugoslav Goran Vukovich from Slavex-Center. There are also a lot of compatriots among the neighbors, for example, Semen Vainstock (head of Olympic state corporation), Viktor Fedotov from Uralsib Capital, David Yacobashvili (Wim-Bil-Dan company), Tatiana Bogomolova from Rosneftexport, Viktor Polstovalov (LUKOIL-Urga) and Ermek Tusenov from Tubus-Plast-Invest (company engaged in pipes production for petroleum and gas industry). One of the apartments is occupied by Fund of Legal Support of Russia Development Strategies (Medved Fund). It is headed by a former Duma Deputy, Bashir Kodzoev*.   

Though, the most famous neighbor there is Mr Ridiger Alexey Mikhailovich, who is more known as Holy Orthodox Patriarch Alexiy II. His apartment is smaller with the area of 227 s.m. Those meters are registered as the office of the Russian Orthodox Church. Though, as reported by the security guards, they have never seen groups of believers come there.

Tells Gennady Maslennikov, President of ZAO Obnovlenie (this company built Zolotye Klyuchi): Those apartments were estimated to cost much, from the beginning. Only self-cost of 1 square meter was $ 4,000 in 1999. All candidates for residency in Zolotye Klyuchi had to pass strict selection. People with money-crammed cases came to us, but our special service sorted out the criminal elements. 

It is difficult to estimate todays market value of the Medvedevs apartment as it depends on inner stuff. As an example, a 7-room apartment in same building with a VIP style of renovation and with the area of 286 s.m. was sold for $ 5,650,000. Another apartment of 5 rooms went for 3,200,000. And as we mentioned before, the Medvedevs apartment has the area of 364.5 s.m.  

Monthly payments for communal services come up to $ 5,000. Its a state secret who pays those bills. The local communal service office refused flatly to provide any information. According to our source, initially it was Svetlana Medvedeva who made all the formalities related to the purchase of the apartment. The same source said that Svetlana Vladimirovna bought only 35 s.m. The residual amount was provided by the Presidents Affairs Management Department as it is apparently what should be done in such cases when high ranking officials are transferred to work in Moscow from other cities. 

Igor Shlyakhtin representing the original owner of the apartment, OOO Lloyds, refused to give the details of the deal. He said, though, that before Medvedevs arrival the apartment had been stayed seized for a year and a half as several mediator-firms had legal proceedings about it. In June 2000 OOO Lloyds was recognized the legal owner of the apartment #38 with the decision by the court of arbitration, after which it sold it to the new owners.     

According to Unitary Register of the property owners, Dmitry Medvedev has another apartment written to his name in Moscow. It is situated at the address of Tikhvinskaya Street, Building 4, app.35. The area is 174 s.m. In the year of 2005 it was Medvedevs name that was pointed in the proprietor box and his spouse had a registration record in her passport exactly at this address. Curiously, the record from the register says that before Medvedevs it was a pensioner Glukhov, 85, who occupied the apartment. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get the details from the old man. He lived in Novokosin and now is dead. As sophisticated realtors explain, the pensioner has never been in his elite housing on Tikhvinskaya Street and its only his passport that was used for the registration purposes.  

Tikhvinsky house people are no common either: MVD minister Rashid Nurgaliev, chair of the Constitutional Court Valery Zorkin Though, in spite of the fact there is a watchful guard service some incidents have happened in the building. For example, 29 April 2005 a BMW was stolen right out from the near-building space. The car belonged to the famous figure skater Irina Rodnina. Last year Alexey Ripsky from Ortospect, who had come to treat the teeth of one of the high ranking tenants, was also deprived of his Honda. There also have been arrests in this building on Tikhvinskaya Street. In January 2006 a 35-year-old Mr A. was detained right in his apartment being incriminated with Article 119 of Russias Criminal Code, thats about murder threatening.   
* In 2001 Kodzoev was attempted murder. As a result, the ex-MP got 4 wounds while his body-guard was killed.

P.S. Actually, most part of this information is accessible to any curious citizen. It only takes buying data base that some officials and employees of the law enforcement bodies get to the market illegally. One may find just anything there about the standing President and the next one, let alone ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation. We have applied repeatedly to MVD about it with a request to catch the frauds. Finally, we got an admission that the data bases were really stolen and it stayed unknown who did it. Meanwhile, new versions of the data bases have appeared on the pirate counters. Probably, presidential contender Dmitry Medvedev will include the point about protection of service and personal information into his election program?