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Grigory YAVLINSKY: Economy cannot survive these political decisions

Anna Artemjeva / Novaya Gazeta The position of Yabloko Party and its leader Grigory YAVLINSKY was always uncompromisingly pacifist. But today the matter of how to treat the war has crossed the line of just ethics and the politics itself. That is why...

Iceland is the first country in the world where the Constitution was not written by professional politicians, but by citizens. Does the new Constitution establish any new elements of direct democracy? Regretably we do not have a new constitution...

Slight shock awaits those willing to buy through tickets to Aeroflot flights for summer vacation at the peninsula

Our Best Gas Supplied to Chelsea, Schalke, Crvena Zvezda Beograd...

Our Best Gas Supplied to Chelsea, Schalke, Crvena Zvezda Beograd...

3 февраля 2012

Not luxury, but a means of survival 2177

Not luxury, but a means of survival

Granted, Putin has been working hard all these years. No, not like a "galley slave". But, for example, on the the mysterious Olympia yacht, allegedly presented by Roman Abramovich. So now Putin and his entourage are protecting not an abstract power, but a way of life that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

30 сентября 2011

What Vladimir Putin didn’t get involved in 1752

What Vladimir Putin didn’t get involved in

In answering writer Zakhar Prilepin's question on how oil trader Gennady Timchenko became a billionaire, Vladimir Putin retorted, “Whatever has to do with his business interests is his own business. I have never got involved in it and don’t plan to. At the same time, I hope he will ever stick his nose into my business...”

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16 мая 2011

Like Father, Unlike Son 121

The hype over the opening of the Popular Front had barely died down when the Premier’s campaign dealt yet another blow to the positions of his sole potential rival. The President’s initiative to replace government officials with...

We received a reply from Mr Sechin, Russian deputy prime minister, and Mr Dvorkovich, presidential aide, who received Novaya Gazeta’s inquiry about how they prefer to travel by air, as did other high ranking government officials and state...

5 ноября 2008

Stabilized People 191

It is known that VEB (Foreign Economic Activities Bank) is planning to grant $50 bn to Russian companies with the purpose of paying off foreign debts. The list of claimants is known. We decided to make you acquainted with those who are...

While in Russia the state has become the managing and directing force in economy quite long ago, the rest of developing and developed countries have been dealing with such a metamorphosis for just a few weeks. Financial and other kinds of...

Our elite are no afraid of the crisis, as it enables them to complete the process of sharing out the assets to their advantage. Stability is a good time with one exception: it’s impossible to share out really big money without being...

7 октября 2008

Narrow Circle Of Those Drowning 37

This week the financial crisis has become global and really terrible. The governments of Great Britain, Germany, and Benelux countries had to save the largest banks through buying up their stock (which is better to be called...

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