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Irina Khalip, our special correspondent in Minsk, used to write a regular column called Candidate for First Lady. At the time, of course, nobody knew that she and her husband, Belarusian presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, would end up...

All these months I’ve been trying to understand why I was first kept at the pre-trial detention centre and then under house arrest. Why keep a woman with a child under lock and key? But after my husband told the judges they had threatened...

5 ноября 2008

How To Buy Friendship Of Peoples? 29

It’s every night that the Byelorussian TV starts the evening with affirming that Belarus is the only “island of stability” in the raging sea of the worsening global crisis. That affirmation is followed with frightening pictures from the...

22 октября 2008

Lukashenko Getting Carrot 27

Among the persons non grata remaining are Lydia Ermoshina, the chair of the Central Elective Commission, also people involved in kidnappings and murders of political opponents to Lukashenko: interior minister Vladimir Naumov, ex-minister...

10 октября 2008

Giveaway In Byelorussian Way 18

There have not been similar elections in Belarus. It’s not because the previous ones of four and eight years ago were different – everything was just the same. But this time, everything that was happening around the elections, it reminded...

3 сентября 2008

They Promise Repairs And Protection 28

Tanya Kozyro, 16, a schoolgirl from the city of Borisov, has asked for political shelter during her rest in the US under the program of Chernobyl Children’s Project. Tatiana has been visiting California for 9 years and staying at same...

25 августа 2008

“Sentence equal to execution” 21

The most scandalous and most secret trial of the late period is over in Byelorussia. The American lawyer Immanuel Seltzer has been sentenced to three years by the Minsk court for “collecting the information of commercial character and for...

25 августа 2008

CIS Minus One 24

According to CIS Charter, the procedure of withdrawal is considered to be started after an application is placed with the executive committee of CIS. The note by Georgia foreign ministry became such an application. It was passed by the...

25 августа 2008

Had To Be Pardoned 14

Alexander Kozulin was released again so that he could be present at a funeral ceremony. On 23 February his wife Irina died and he was given three days to bury her. 16 August he got at large again and made for same cemetery near Minsk to...

17 июля 2008

Juice Therapy 37

Evgeny Sivtsov was sentenced for malicious hooliganism in 1999. He spent two years behind the bars. On 4 July 2008 he was visited by the police and required to appear in the police station to give testimony on the night explosion in Minsk....

11 июля 2008

Concert For Bomb With Orchestra 14

On 3 July the Independence Day was celebrated in Belarus. All the day there had been military and sport parade and at night a non-shell explosive device, stuffed with bolts and screws, detonated in the crowd. 50 people got injured, 3 of...

2 июля 2008

He Knows Too Much 110

On Friday the American lawyer Immanuel Seltzer, arrested in Minsk on 12 March (see issue #43 of Novaya Gazeta), was brought the third accusation. This time the investigative department of KGB has started a criminal case on the count of...

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